I have been around aircraft from an early age and eventually worked for nearly 25 years in commercial aviation, mainly in ground handling operations. However, redundancy finally forced a career change!

I took many photos during that time using Olympus film cameras and, although that was all before the digital age, I have finally started the labourious task of scanning many of my photos from that period. As they are scanned & processed they will be duly uploaded.

My real interest has always been in military aircraft and that will be the main focus of this website (although there are sections for historic and commercial aircraft)

I hope you enjoy browsing through the various galleries of my photos, and check back occasionally to see what has been added.

Please feel free to comment on any if you wish.


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15.09.17 Fairford - an added bonus!

A nice bonus for us on our visit to Fairford was managing to photograph a Lockheed U-2S returning from a mission! They are usually very difficult to connect with due to the nature of their operations, but we got lucky with this one and it even carried the full mission kit; extended nose, dorsal pod, etc, so very pleased we got that one. 

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